Review: Heir of Ra by M. Sasinowski

Heir of Ra (Blood of Ra #1)

“There is evidence that a long time before Upper and Lower Egypt were unified into a single kingdom, before the climatic changes turned the Sahara into the desert it is now, there occurred a significant influx of technology and expertise that dates back thousands of years.”

Rating: 4 Stars

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My Thoughts

When I saw this for .99 as a kindle deal, I wasn’t quite expecting what I got, but in a good way. Heir of Ra is a story that is packed with action, ancient Egyptian mythology, and a classic good-vs-evil dilemma. The author takes us on a journey into the mind of an ancient Egyptian god, while exploring a theory of what history hasn’t told us. We know there is evidence of a more advanced civilization that predates the ancient Egypt we learned about in school, but the details, facts, and questions elude us as to who they were, what happened to them, and why there is so little left behind for us to really study.

This work of fiction is an author’s take on Atlantis mythology. The people, the culture, and a knowledge and technology lost to modern civilization. And it’s really interesting. The narrative switches back and forth from modern day into the memories of Horus. This split perspective allows the reader to spend time hypothesizing with modern day scholars, and then journey into the past that holds the truth.

I will say, I wish more time was spent in the ancient world and less in the mind of our main character, Alyssa, while she deals with coming into this knowledge first-hand and fighting the dangers that come as a result. The interactions Alyssa has throughout most of the book can be cheesy and I would like to say you should expect to roll your eyes a couple times. But, her story does serve a big purpose in the overall story and it’s important to pay attention to facts as they arise. There are also some interesting supporting characters that made the reading experience a lot more fun.

I’m really interested in exploring the world further, so I will be picking up the second installment in the Blood of Ra series. And I’m pretty excited about it.


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