Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Dark Places

Dark Places

THREE Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Thoughts

This is my third Gillian Flynn read and while Dark Places had me on the edge of my seat, it wasn’t as impressive as Gone Girl or Sharp Objects. Of course this could be due to the fact that I put too much pressure on myself to expect that ultimate WOW factor, and didn’t go into the book with the same “let’s see what happens” attitude as with the previous two. What is entirely accurate about this book though is the fact that Flynn knows how to write a great mystery thriller.

The story follows Libby, a woman whose entire life has been stunted by events that took place on her family’s farm twenty years earlier, including her testimony that put her brother in prison. Perspectives will shift throughout the book to other key characters in the story, both present and past, and you will get to follow these characters through the days leading up to that horrific night at the farm. It all comes down to one question: was Libby’s testimony accurate, or is she a pawn?

Sounds pretty good right? It is, and the tiny pieces of information you get throughout the story are delicious and enticing. If you haven’t read any of Gillian Flynn’s books yet, I can tell you that she weaves mystery and suspense together beautifully, and blends those with dark and sinister characters you can appreciate. The psychological nature of the characters in her stories have always made me feel like I’ve FINALLY been given the opportunity to get inside someone’s head and hear exactly what they’re thinking, no matter how messed up and full of “TMI” those thoughts may be. And this book is no exception to those feelings. Dark Places is a truly enjoyable read when you get down to the nitty-gritty facts of life and the things people are willing to do to get what they want.

So WHY did I give only three stars? For me the answer is simple, and not some huge mind-blowing discrepancy that I know you guys don’t want to read anyways. 😊 The book was slow. There, I said it.

Let’s say you’re following a trail of evenly spaced-out Skittles to a destination you know is going to be the equivalent of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. (YES PLEASE, kindly direct me to the Skittles so I can get started.) Both journey and destination are awesome, and you get to eat candy along the way. However, if the Skittles trail is 15 miles, chances are you’re gonna get full (and probably sick) before you reach the ultimate prize and you aren’t even going to be that excited about it. You just want it to be OVER already. THAT is how I felt reading the last half of this book.

The book isn’t that long, but for my reading tastes, it kind of dragged in some areas. Plus, I had a pretty good idea of “who dun it” and that kind of made the rest drag because I had figured it out already. But don’t get me wrong: I mean it when I say Flynn’s books are no joke. It is NOT easy to figure out the ending, and it is certainly not a waste of time if you enjoy the genre. I don’t usually figure out how it ends, so I was all sorts of patting myself on the back this time because it probably won’t happen again for a very long time.

Dark Places is absolutely a great story with a fantastic plot and characters who will have you pulling your hair out AND wanting to hug them. And I can promise the book will keep you on your toes and looking to solve the mystery first. Let me know if you do 😉

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear what stories you’ve reached for lately!

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