Returning Souls

Returning Souls

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Evie D’Arico is just like any other 67-year-old retiree until a sudden stroke puts her life in jeopardy, and catapults her soul through multiple lifetimes. After drifting through a space where time has no meaning, Evie awakens to find herself in the body and mind of someone else.

My Thoughts

Returning Souls is one of those books that takes you on an adventure, but not in the way a fantasy novel with dragons and evil wizards may. This is a book written from the perspective of one woman over many lifetimes that feels like the perspectives of many women. And it is fantastic.

Within these pages, the reader will find subtle aspects of Hinduism in that our main character is reliving her past lives in order to learn something in her current one. The adventure is in the changing scenery, time period, and lessons that ensue with each lifetime. I felt like I was reading a bind-up of a few different novellas that were tied together to make an entire novel, only these weren’t sectioned or cut-off from one another. The stories flowed beautifully and make for a very interesting take on this character’s journey through time.

While I am not an advocate for Hinduism, I did appreciate how the author tied in the idea of reincarnation and its purpose for the soul for my own reading experience. It made me wonder about my own life and think more about my own individual purpose for my time on this Earth. And that’s the kind of thought-provoking novel I appreciate: a book that can both tell a story and inspire the reader to creative thought.

Overall, the novel is beautifully written and the descriptions paint an awesome picture of both the character’s feelings and the world they live in. I definitely recommend picking this up for a read. You’ll get to take a trip to the Mesolithic Era as a native and you may even talk to some animals along the way.


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